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Don't Wait At Bus Stops Part 1

What is it about me and Inglesfield and a bus stop? Stand at one, settle into a relaxed debate about the relative merits of James Jamerson, Donald Dunn, Bootsy Collins, Bernard Edwards and Marcus Miller, stuff like that and Out They Come.

"It's because they know you're Chimmie Teenager."
"David, I'm not that famous yet or only with the right people."
"Well, it looks like you're famous with the wrong people as well."

Up he comes. He knows what we are in an instant. He does a little running on the spot dance -Click!- flings himself into the air, arms wide -Click!- and then lands Ta-Ra! best foot forward, points at us, his hands like pistols, and Oh Lord, now we are into the life history of Anthony Sebastian Jones.

"You're with Channel 4, right?"
"Er, no we're with Aeoniokinetic."
"You've come to 'Ackney to see all the deprivation or just to liven yourselves up a bit... You look dead..."
"We live here."
"Oniokinetic?"..."Eoniokinetic?"..."Aoniokinetic?"......"Aeniokinetic? ah ... ∆oniokinetic. That's nice. That's a diphthong."

He's With Channel 4. I've started looking for the camera capturing the two stiffs being menaced by the black Actor for Trigger Happy TV or something.

It starts to all be a blur.

"You want to get yourself sorted. You should start a record company. I can see it! You're going to build a massive empire of record labels, Volpone, Venta Quemada, Waterdream... "

Of course we will, of course we will........

"I can see it all now..."
"Well Tone, err what's your role in all this?"
"My victory roll, my roll of honour, my piano roll, my breadroll, my roll of asbestos rolled up in a fucking Tesco's bag! I'm going to come to something bad, because I started bad. My mother left me in the bin at a bus stop in a Tesco's bag 'cos she didn't want a black baby."

"Uh, Tone, Tone, Tone, that's our bus now."

I sometimes wonder what my life could have been if I had been able to fulfil my island destiny.