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All Time Most Irritating Flatmates Part 2


Somebody has pointed out to me that in the last piece all the examples of irritating flatmates were female. This carries a clear implication of misogyny which I find very hurtful, as one can look on Chimmie's life as one long hymn of devotion to the female sex. The forms that this devotion can take are countless. In my life, apart from the many happy girls who have got lucky with Chimmie over the years, there are of course Telephone Girl and the Maiden who are undeniably female and of course there are the memories of my mother and grandmother.

To the sheer sweetness of the slaggings off of the various stupid gits that had the nerve to fetch up around Chimmie agus a mhàthair there is nothing in Life to compare. I never had such a laugh with anyone as I had with my Mum. I miss the excellence of her company terribly and there are those moments when I wish that I could have her back for just an hour to do justice to some imbecility or another that has cropped up in my event filled life. If only, if only.........

Now, regarding this charge, first of all, I want to point out that I refused to mention people on Big Brother which includes lots of blokes, great dog-like creatures with about 1 brain cell between them. Scum. Scum. Scum.

To set the record straight, I 'm going to offer up some examples of men you wouldn't want to divide up a housekeeping bill with. Also I realise that I'm a bit short of flatmates if we're going to do a Top Ten. (Mind you can't we get someone else to sort all that trivial detail out? It's the Idea That Counts)

Alright: Alan McGee. This is a man who plays Italian House records at you first thing in the morning screaming "Are you into it yet?"
We're all trying to get into something that can sell records, but......
Great as is Chimmie's love for music, probably the only Italian music he can stand first thing in the morning would be by Palestrina. I find at that time, all I want to do is to is to take rather a long look at a cup of tea. The morning is a very worrying time for me. I will have to tell you about "the Pit" sometime.

I'll put more about this when I've got time, but for now just accept there's loads of men I can't stand. OK?