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Why I am a Teenager

I've been doing some reading, and in future, stylewise, David is the one who will be drawing my picture. Not Inglesfield, obviously, but the one in the Bible because I think he is really good. Like me, he has these great tunes which can make it OK when your head is not OK. He's working on his tunes so hard but then there is this little spot of bother with the Philistines. I have the same problem too. There are people who just don't realise what you are managing to achieve and say things like "Turn that fucking shit off" or "You're never going to get anywhere with that crap, why don't you just give up?"

Anyway, he can see that his brothers and the rest of the Israeli army are a bunch of wankers, although he is too polite to say so, and that they are all shit scared of this great big ugly fucker called Goliath who keeps boring them by saying that he's giving them to his dog for dinner. They buy him a few drinks and say "Look, why don't you have a go?" It's like that for me, so much wanting to mind my own business but always, always being called upon to act.

I'm thinking about all these things but suddenly someone screams "Do I have any festival clothes left?"
It is the Maiden.
She is very annoying some times, well most times, although she did some pictures recently of "Gorgeous Girl Pigs" (?) which are actually quite good.

"To go to that place I can't remember the name of. I have got to have some festival clothes."

"You can go in your school uniform."

"Cats can't balance." There is a screech and the sound of claws against a something hard.The Maiden runs out before I can get up.

Back to David. He is the Teenager:

They want him to wear a suit of armour but he tells them It's Too Big. If you've got to do mortal combat, you want to look your best, not a complete idiot. Something you old people have got to understand, right, is we don't want to look like you. We do things our way, not your way and we make it up as we go along.

I will Always be a Teenager.