Chimmie's Glastonbury Wise Advice
Drinking his way into history, "like a Scotsman trapped in the body of an Englishman", Chimmie Teenager offers advice and solace to the less experienced camper as well bringing his message of go-it-alone record business entrepreneurship to a dynamic masterclass in a Greenfields setting.

Chimmie's Glastonbury Wise Advice.
Chimmie does Glasto and Marc Jolley finally produces something.
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Chimmie Does Glasto Part 1
Chimmie Does Glasto Part 2
Chimmie Does Glasto Part 3
Chimmie Does Glasto Part 4

"Get Some Oats In Your Carriage!"

Aeoniokinetic Plain


Searing Frontline Reporting Decoding Youth Culture for All You Old Fogies.
Down the A303 like a ferret up a drainpipe trouser leg.
Chimmie Teenager undertakes a sober vigil in Somerset.
Chimmie Does Glasto.
Marc Jolley finally produces something.
Forget about Oasis, McCartney, Black Eyed Peas, Starsailor, Belle & Sebastian etc.
These fools don't count. This is what counts.
Mean Fiddler. Festy Romp.